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  • Outlook Delivery

    Hey guys. I have a client that has copy of vmail set up in the notification tab of Call manager. Unfortunately when they get the message they only recieve the first shoreware voicemail message in their inbox. The second Vm with the wav file attached never arrives. They recently upgraded to 7.5 build 4002 but it was working after the upgrade. It just all of the sudden stopped working a couple of days ago and I'm at a loss.

    Any help appreciated

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    I have version 6.1 and this happens to my users once in a while. Something in the Outlook Integration breaks down. I haven't found out what it is yet, but if you uninstall the Shoreware Client, reboot, reinstall the client and it should restore functionality. It won't bring back the missed messages, but any new ones should show up.

    Hope it works for you!


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      Already tried re-installing call manager. Didn't fix the proble,


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        Try This....

        This method seems to unbind any communications issues btwn Shoretel client and Outlook. I think it's a MAPI issue, but have yet to see any tech note releases from Shoretel on it.

        I am running Office 2k3, may be different procedure for anyone with any other version:

        1. In Outlook, click Tools, then Email accounts
        2. Select Radio button "view or change existing email accounts"
        3. Select the Shoreware Voicemail MAPI item and delete it
        4. Hit finish; go back and re-apply this item then exit
        5. Run a restart on Outlook client

        (NOTE: to re-add the Shoreware voicemail MAPI item, click "add" then select radio button marked "Add other server types" and you will see it in the next window - one of two items to choose from...if you DON'T see it in there, you will have to uninstall and then reinstall Shoretel client in order to have it appear in the list again).

        Good luck, let us know the results. I may be wrong about this but it may be worth the try!
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