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  • Quick Dial pulls other users contacts

    7.5 new install. Outlook 2003. 230 endpoints

    In the process of installing Call Manager on all new clients. As I am going along, I notice that the Quick Dial on user "B" displays contacts from user "A" Outlooks contact list. And user "A" sees "B". Added a couple more and it is escalating. Basically everyone I install sees everyone else's contacts.

    I did a search on this forum for it, but turned up nothing. Sorry if this has been discussed before.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Go to (in the call manager)
    Options | Configure Shoretel
    Outlook tab
    import options
    import configurator
    and look to see where you are importing contacts from. Probably coming from public folders. The call manager will find contacts you never knew you had.

    (If my instructions are not 100% accurate, I apologize, I have the new 8.0 Call manager in front of me, so I had to guess at some of the steps, but it should be close.)



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      That is it!


      That put me in the right direction, THANK YOU! Just need to close PCM and get back in after setting are changed.

      Next: Do I need to do that for each client after the install? I am guessing I can set this in Shoreware Director somewhere, but I do not see it anywhere.


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        you need to set it at each client

        But that brings up another issue all together. If they are supposed to be private, why does everybody have access? Maybe lock down the security on the contacts.


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          This is one of those features I think should be off by default.
          Leave it in for those who want it, but dont enable the PF access in the setup.