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  • Shoretel 7 Call Manager problem


    I am an administrator for a Shoretel 7 VOIP system and we use the Call Manager software with our system. I went around and installed the Call Manager software on all my local PCs when we first got the system (back in Feb. 08) and have not had any issues with it. But I have had to replace some users computers already and having an issue when trying to install the call manager on their new PCs. We use a proxy server for letting our users browse the internet and when initially installing we had to go through that proxy server when it installed (worked with no problems then). Now when I have to get a new PC all setup that had call manager on their old PC and I run the configuration aspect of it I get an error stating that that Shoretel server is unavailable or a bad password or username (i have confirmed it is not a username or password issue because I can go to another PC log off their call manager software and loging with the trouble user and it works fine. The only difference is that call manager was already working on a PC I configured when we got the system back in Feb. 08. But I have found a work around and that is to turn off the Proxy settings in IE and then it will work. But then I have to turn the settings back on so the user can browse the internet. Which after a few minutes of this I get an error of "Configuration Server is Unavailable". I then go in and turn off the proxy setting again and wait about a minute and it reconnects back up. But then I have to turn the proxy setting back on so the user can browse the internet and it all happens again. So it is a vicious circle to fix this. Some solutions I have tried is to clear the cache on the phone (press the Mute button, type C-L-E-A-R and press #) and this doesnt work. So any other advice would be most welcome. I have notified my Shoretel support provider and they dont know either why it does this. Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Pete Kiser
    Plastic Suppliers, Inc.

    P.S. Some other information about these computers

    OS: Windows XP Professional with SP2
    IE version: IE 6 with SP2

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    try "Do Not use proxy server for the following addresses"
    and put in the address of your shoretel VM server.

    The PCM tries to use the proxy settings in IE by default if they are configured.

    Shouldnt have anything to do with the phones themselves.


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      problem fixed

      Hi eazeaz,

      Thank you for your help with this problem. I tried it and sure enough it worked. So I can say this issue is closed. Thank you again.