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  • Contact Center IVR App

    We currently have an IVR app that allows callers to enter their account# and their zip code and their account balance is given to them. I am trying to develop an IVR app that collects the caller id information and based on that, looks to see if that phone number is in the database. If it is, the caller will then only be propted for their zip code. The problem we are having is that most people do not know their account number.

    So the call would go like this..

    Caller gets the IVR and it says, "Are you calling from your home number?" if caller answers no, then caller would need to enter account and zip. If caller answers yes, they would only need to enter zip code.

    I have cannot get this to work. For testing, I have put in an ANNOUNCE "Caller Id" and the Caller ID comes up fine. If I do the following SQLexecute, it fails out:

    SELECT Table1.ACCTNO as account
    FROM Table1

    If I hardcode 'caller id' as 555-1212 it works fine. Also, if i have the user enter their caller id in a cp filed, it works fine. Has anyone used the built in caller id field in a script?

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    The only thing available to you at that point is %ANI%, but that should work for ya.