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  • DID SIP Trunk (IP8000)

    I have an IP8000 hooked up in our office, and internally it is working.

    I would like to assign an external DID to it but am lost at how to accomplish what I think should be a simple task.

    I have attempted to create a user but I can't assign the user to a non mailbox user with 'Any IP Phone' selected as the device. I also can't see a way to add in a SIP device setting as a user.

    I've also attempted to add in a DID & DNIS to the trunk it's attached to but that doesn't seem to work either.

    Just wondering if someone can enlighten me.

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    You normally use DNIS and point it to the off system extension of the IP 8000.


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      I had a look at this I have tried this with a DNIS.

      However with the SIP trunk setup I had to add in an 'Inbound Destination' being our reception. I am unable to remove this as the system will not let me have this as blank.

      Thus adding in the DNIS to map to an 'Off System' destination just forwards the DID to reception.


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        Do you have Extension enabled as an inbound destination on the SIP trunk group for the IP8000? Can you dial the IP8000's extension from an IP phone internally?

        The DNIS entry should be setup on the PRI (or other) trunk group that the call is coming in on, not the SIP trunk group for the IP8000.


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          Cool all working now. I just needed to add in the DNIS entry to the E1 trunk group, and not the SIP trunk group.