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  • Phone Volume

    We have a customer that has an employee who wears a hearing aid. The 230 handset is not loud enough for the employee. Even after turning up the volume of the hearing aid and the handset. Has anyone else ran into this issue and if so what work arounds have you done? Thanks.

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    I've used in-line amplifiers to go between the handset and the phone. These have worked quite well, and several models available. Plantronics, Hello-Direct, etc all make one.


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      It think you can also edit the custom.txt file for the phone model or the MAC based config file for a phone to change the volume of each step on the scale. Have a look in \\ShorelineData\Templates at shore_s6c.txt as an example and then create or change the appropriate file for that phone.

      You could set the max volume on that one phone to be twice as loud as it is now for example.