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  • BB24 issue since upgrading to 7.5 from 7.0

    Since the upgrade the button box does not operate as it did. Before the upgrade I had the buttons programmed to Monitor Extension. If there was no call the button would intercom the extionsion. If there was a call it would blind transfer. Since the upgrade it no longer blind transfers, even though it is set to so.

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    The same thing happened when we upgraded from Shoretel 7.5 Build 12.13.1310 to Build 12.14.4002.0

    It is a known issue. There is a hot fix for this issue in 12.14.4005


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      BB24 Light don't light

      I recently installed a several of these with IP 230 sets and they work sometimes and not all the time. I am at release 7.5 ver 1408. Any thoughts. I have since used a IP 560 with the box and it seams to be doing ok.