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  • DB Import tool

    Hi All,

    We have manually entered all the users, now we would like to update everyones email address, is there any import tool.

    please suggest



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    I personnally have never used the DB import tool, but there is no easy way to do this, but the email address is only used for 2 things. (that I know of)

    1. notify users via Email that Call manager is available. (we usually install CM silently, or individually, not via email).
    2. This field carries over to the "Email VM notifications and escalations" field. This feature is seldom used, and can be changed on a per user basis by the user in CM if they want to utilize this feature.

    I am not being of much help for you this weekend, am I?


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      No actuall, you are, it is great to get feed, I appreciate it. It is just getting used to shoretel.


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        Hi Charles,

        I also presume that we can install personal call manager in a Terminal server enviroment and the users would be able to use it as easy as it was on a thick client.


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          Yes, but make sure you follow the terminal/Citrix install instructions. It's in an appendix in either the PIG or Administrators Manual.