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  • Paging Delay

    Hi All,

    We are trying to go live with shoretel and have a minor issue in Paging delay.

    We have two sets of speakers(in the same location, first and second floors) which the page come out,
    1. Overhead speakers for the first floor
    2. Phone speakers for second floor

    When a page button is pressed, the page comes over through th speaker but it has a delay, like 5 seconds.

    Has anyone seen this or could help us resolve this issue, coz, we would like to have a much more immediate response that 5 secs.

    We are on Shoretel 8.0

    thanks a lot


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    There is up to a 6 second delay built-in to eliminate feedback with close phones, and to allow all phones to connect to the switch for the broadcast to play.

    Paging is different with VoiP than it is with Analog/digital. There is a great tech note that describes this.



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      Hi Charles, I guess it it the point of getting used to it and right now, I dont know how easy or difficult it is to change the default from 6 secs, which is way too long. We use paging as a criticla communication tool.

      Now, on a similar token, I presume if you page all the time the bandwidth is going be used more and more , correct?


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        Shoretel needs to adjust this to at least a 10 second delay. Starting the page after 5 seconds is very confusing if you are within ear shot of another phone. 10 seconds would be better because it would give you enough time to make your page and hang up. True feedback eliminator's give you an option for this reason.


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          Or, give the adminstrator controll over the delay, or have an option to play after the user has hung up, some feedback eliminators have an option that if you don't want the page to go, maybe you messed up, you can press a key to cancel the page before you hang up.


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            I seem to remember a registry setting for this...but I can't find it. Call ShoreTel?


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              I think it was back in 7.0 or 7.5 they added a field in director under paging groups to configure this value. It is called:

              Group Paging Synchronization Delay (0-255):

              Specified in seconds.


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                Originally posted by cburgy View Post
                I think it was back in 7.0 or 7.5 they added a field in director under paging groups to configure this value. It is called:

                Group Paging Synchronization Delay (0-255):

                Specified in seconds.
                I'm having a little trouble with the delay. It seems that despite my changing the delay to 30 seconds, the paging group pages nearly instantaneously (with the same characteristics as the original post).

                Has anyone experienced the same?


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                  I'm having that exact issue. I haven't been able to find anything to fix it.


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                    Anyone find any resolution for this?


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                      I would like to know if there is a delay adjustment option as well. Also, a possible kill the page option, in the event of a disgruntled employee or something.


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                        I understand the fact that there is a difference between VoIP paging and Analog/Digital paging, but WHY does there NEED to be a delay? If I can establish gigabit networking to the desktop all over my business, and establish video/audio communication with no lag in-house, why can't I totally eliminate the delay on paging? Does anyone have a link to that "great" technote on VoIP vs A/D paging?


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                          Couple of things here:

                          A) Shoregear switches are designed with the assumption that not every phone controlled by a particular switch will need call-setup at the same time

                          B) when you page the above is exactly what you are expecting out of the switch. So it takes longer to generate all the appropriate call setup messages out to the phones.

                          C) when Shoretel originally setup paging through the phones they ignored 'B' and you got the recording playing back as soon as the phone call (read: page) was setup. this resulted in a confusing mismatch of audio played throughout the organization.

                          in the most recent versions shoretel allows the administrator to customize the time slightly to "dial it in" for your environment.

                          Hope that helps


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                            Thanks for the reply, ggallaway, but that answer is dissatisfying. Call-setup can't be a very time-consuming process, can it? I'm totally willing to accept the idea that This Is How It Works, and leave it at that, but then couldn't I speed up some factor of the network to allow this to happen much more quickly?