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  • Database Changes Between Versions?

    Good morning, everyone.

    We've been using a Shortel phone system for several months now and we really do love the thing. However, one thing we've been trying to deal with is that our users were promised in-depth reporting on the call logs, which the system doesn't do by default (as I'm sure you're all aware). So, we've been trying to work with the database and build some intelligent reports.

    So far, that hasn't been going so well. The database is a bit of a mess. We're still running on version 6.1, so this is all in the Access database. We're planning on upgrading this weekend to version 7 and MySQL, which brings me to ask two questions...

    1: Are there any significant changes to the structure of the database and data? That might, hopefully, make it easier to read?

    2: Does anyone know of a good resource in HOW to read the data? I have a hard time believing that one of our users has received/made 23.5 hours of phone calls in one day... obviously, I'm missing something in how I read that DB.


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    and the choir members all said..... AMEN!


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      What kind of indepth information are you looking for? I don't think the database cahnges much, just in a different format (Access vs MySql)