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  • Dial by name// AA

    What I would like to do is have one AA that all calls come into and from there the customer would hit 1 for police dept, press 2 for court house, press 3 for prosecutors and the caller would then hit a second AA for that particular dept that they just pressed. In that deptments AA I would like to have dial by name for just that dept, is there any way to seperate the directory dial by name for just a specific group of users for their own AA.

    I have found nothing yet, thought I would throw it at you guys.


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    You can create an extension list of the users for a particular department. Then your Auto Attendant can specify Dial by Name for the extension list for a department.


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      Exactly. Dial by Name directory has to connect to an Extension list. You can create several different extension lists (this is under the USER section of Director). Pretty easy to setup.


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        I have the Extension Lists created, that was no problem, but I can't find where you tell the AA to use a different list for the Dial by Name Directory.

        *** Found it ***

        The Ext menu on the right side of the Operations in the AA, doesn't show as a button so I kind of overlooked it. But when I clicked on it, sure enough it brought up a menu.
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          You put in the recording that if they want accounting press 1 and for shipping press 2. Then under 1 and 2 put the ext list # associated with that department.