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  • Custom ring for a single extension

    I would like to customize my operator's phone to have different rings for a particular monitored extension. I'd like the phone to ring standard for all calls except for the calls going to that one extension. I know I can program the IP phone button to monitor the extension with a ring delay but is there any way I can program a ring tone specifically to the monitored extension. I am thinking the answer is no but if anyone else has some insight on it, the help would be most appreciated.

    To clarify, I want the operator phone to have a specific ringtone for one particular monitored extension. I know I can create a custom ring profile for internal and external calls, but I want a particular ring tone for when a specific extension calls the operator.

    Call comes into DID --> call goes to work group --> button on operator phone is set to monitor workgroup and ring with 0 ring delay --> specifc ringtone for calls coming to the monitored workgroup
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    Search your ShoreTel 7.x SysAdmin Guide for Custom. You will find "Loading Custom Ring Tones." In my ShoreTel 7.5 it is page 8.11. You will make a file based on directions there for the specific MAC of the ShoreTel IP Phone.


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      I don't think there is any way to have one monitored extesion buttons ring alert tone be different from other monitored extenision buttons on the same phone.


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        Ring Tones, the definitive post

        • Custom files must be loaded in .wav format. Other file formats, such as MP3, are not supported.
        • The following formats are supported by the phone:
        o μ-law: 8-bit, 8 kHz, 16 kHz, Mono
        o α-law: 8-bit, 8 kHz, 16 kHz, Mono
        o 16-bit, 8 kHz, Mono -or- 16-bit, 16 kHz, Mono
        • Only two custom tones can be loaded on a single phone. The sum total file size of both tones
        must be less than 750KB. Files exceeding this size will not be downloaded.
        • If the wave file has a length less than 6 seconds, the phone will loop the ring out to a 6-second
        length before it is repeated.

        At a high level, the process of loading ring tones onto an IP phone consists of the following steps:
        1. Identify Wave Files for use (via online search or by creating them manually). These files must be stored on a server that is accessible to the IP phone via anonymous FTP. (The server does not necessarily have to be the same as the one that is hosting the configuration files.)
        2. Manually create a phone-specific configuration text file and store it in the same directory as the standard IP phone configuration files. The name of the phone-specific file should contain the
        MAC address of the target phone where the ring tone will be loaded. The MAC address can be
        found on the sticker on the back of the phone. (See “Creating the Phone-Specific Configuration
        File” below for details.) Alternatively, you can load the same pair of custm ring tones onto several IP phones at the same time, but the phones must all be of the same type (i.e. all IP560g, etc.)
        3. Reboot the phone so that it will pick up the information in the text file, along with the pointer to the Wave File. At boot time, the IP phone will display the success or failure of downloading the
        phone-specific configuration file and any configured Wave Files.

        Creating the Phone-Specific Configuration File:
        To create a phone-specific configuration file, two new configuration parameters, WaveRinger1 and WaveRinger2 can be inserted into a phone-specific configuration file. These parameters identify the name and location of the custom ring tones that the IP phone will download (via FTP) into the phone’s RAM at
        boot time.
        The name of the phone-specific configuration file should be as follows:
        where “aabbccddeeff” is the MAC address.

        The WaveRinger1 and WaveRinger2 configuration parameters are defined in Table 1:

        Table 1 WaveRinger1

        Wave Ringer 2
        WaveRinger2 UP to 64 ASCII Characters
        Up to 64 ASCII Characters Used to assign one Wave File to any of the ring tones defined in Table 2. The first value is the ring tone, and the second value is the location of the file on the FTP server. Example:

        WaveRinger1 L/rg

        WaveRinger2 L/r1

        Table 2 Ring Tone Symbol
        Standard - External ring L/rg
        Standard - Internal ring L/r1
        Ring 2 - External ring Standard - External ring L/r10

        Ring 2 - Internal ring L/r11
        Ring 3 - External ring L/r12
        Ring 3 - Internal ring L/r13
        Ring 4 - External ring L/r14
        Ring - Internal ring L/r15

        For example, to load one of the custom ring tones, you could replace L/r14 (i.e. Ring 4 External) and
        L/r15 (i.e. Ring 4 Internal) with the name and location of the file containing the new custom ring tone.
        Also note that it is possible to replace internal and external ring tones in separate sets (e.g. Ring 2 external
        and Ring 4 internal), but only one set of ring tones can be active at a time so activating either set of
        ring tones will only activate only one of the custom rings tones at a time.

        Phone configuration:

        Please contact your system administrator to have a custom ring tone loaded onto your IP phone. If a custom
        ring tone has already been loaded onto your IP phone, you can make that new ring tone active by
        following the procedure below:
        1. Press the Options button on your phone, followed by your password and #.
        Note: IP110/210 users do not have an Options button and thus must ask their system administrator
        for assistance in activating any new custom ring tones.
        2. Scroll to option 3. Change Ring.
        3. Press the Edit soft key (IP230/560 phones) or press # to select this option.
        4. Scroll through the available ring tones to find the new custom tone. You can press the Ring soft key
        (IP560 phones) to hear a sample of that ring tone. On IP212k phones, you can press the custom button
        to the right of a ring tone to listen to a sample.
        5. Once you have found the new custom ring tone, press OK to select it.
        6. Press the Done soft key or # to confirm.


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          The answer is no. I see no way this could work natively. A custom might allow this to work, but even then it is not trivial, as Shoretel provides no API for changing ring tone.

          Can you go into any more detail as to why? Perhaps something else could be found to meet your need.


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            I’m a little stuck. I think I’m missing a step with what’s in the phone-specific configuration file for the phone to download. I've looked at the common IIS/FTP issues (case sensitivity & path matching)

            I put a ringer in C:\Inetpub\ftproot\Ringers\turning.WAV
            I put a file called shore_0010490accbf.txt (where _00…is my mac address) in the c:\inetpub\ftproot\ directory

            The file contains the following text
            WaveRinger1 L/rg
            WaveRinger2 L/rl (where is the shoretel server)

            I’ve done a “mute/reset/pound” on the phone

            I’ve gone into options and scrolled through each of the ringtones

            Are there sample files of the txt file out there anywhere that I can copy?