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  • MoH Device selection

    On our old PBX, we had a PC at each of our 7 sites that would play a neverending loop of some MP3's we have professionally made for music on hold.

    I'm looking to replace the "box" with a simple MP3 player, as there is no real need for a terminal at each site with this Shoretel setup.

    The problem i'm running into is the MP3 devices (pocket sized MP3 players similar to an iPod) stop playing music when connected to a power source.
    (power source in this case is a USB wall charger)

    I don't know of a way with this particular device to set it to continue playback when connected to a charger.

    I guess I'm looking for what any of you have used for a MoH source device.
    Is everyone pretty much using a PC with Media Player/WinAMP set to continuous playback? Or, does anyone know of a small (cheap) device that could be left plugged into a charger, and continually repeat a single, or multiple MP3's?


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    we are currently using rack mounted DJ CD players... seem to work so far. They loop automatically and have a big display to let you know they are working from a distance.


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      We have successfully used the On-Hold Plus devices from IntelliTouch.

      IntelliTouch | On-Hold Plus

      They work fantastic.


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        OHP6000 is what we sell. We were doing Ipods, but the OHP doesn't grow feet and walk away.

        I just ran into another one recently that was like the OHP, but had an ethernet cable, so you could upload MP3's remotely. I'll have to go look up the name, but if the price point is good, this could be a great solution for multi-site's where you need to change MoH music remotely.


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          We've used the I-PROMoH by Interalia. It sits on the network with a static IP and you load the accompanying software onto a local machine or server to upload and update the recordings. It has seemed to work pretty well. We put it into a hardware store chain that constantly updates the on hold recordings for sales of the week and what not. They put it into about 30 stores and so far so good.


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            I'm using an old iRiver 599T player (1gb); has worked fine on AC power for many years!