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  • 911 Calls in So Cal

    Hey all. We receive email notifications on our installed systems and today we got a few 911 notifications; each at different sites. I was just checking to see if something was going on in So Cal where calls being placed to 911. All our calls were on different carriers, different cities...and none of them actually called 911. Very weird...

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    If you are receiving event notifications. It should show you the extension that dialed it. They may have done it by accident.

    If you dial 911 it waits 5 seconds before it dials it on the trunk, gives you time to figure out that you dialed wrong. If you dial the trunk access code like 9-911. It goes out immediately.

    They may have dial 911 and hung up before the 5 seconds. I think the event will still be mark that a 911 was dial.


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      Thanks Bigdog. We did see the extensions that dialed the calls and no one did. What was really odd was that it happened, like, 4 times yesterday...all at different sites.

      Add to that... one of our Nortel customers had the same thing happen on their system. And a sheriff showed up asking if someone dialed 911 when no one did.

      It just struck us as very odd that it happened many times in one day.


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        911 Dial Errors

        We installed the E911 application at several sites and had five 911 alerts in the first week. We asked around and all said 'I didn't dial 911'. Checking the CDR we found that all 5 calls were dialed by users.

        Here's what it appears happened after interviewing a couple of end users and running the call history report from their Call Manager. End user dialing 9 to get an outside line and then trying to call 411. Looks like the users may have missed the 4 key and then hit two 1s. The '911' calls were connected and then hung up on by the user in two cases (call durations of about 7seconds). The 911 notification app flashed on designated desktops immediately as designed in all five cases (those that were hangups and those that were ended before connecting to the 911 center).

        The good news is that it has been caught every time and the local police has been immediately notified not to show up.

        If the problem persists, we're considering changing outside line to an 8 instead of a 9.


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          We see the same issues in Australia, 0 is the common trunk access code here and we also use 0 as the national call prefix. 0011 is the international dial code. The problem is that 000 is our emergency services number. We see a 000 call from most of our sites at
          least once a month.


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            This is why I configure the system for 8 to dial an outside line. People are just way to fast to dial and this stuff happens.