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  • IP8000 Access Code Issue

    Sorry if this issue has already been addressed but I'm new to ShoreTel phones and so far I've been pretty impressed with the entire system. However I have run into one issue that we cannot seem to get resolved. We have 4 of the IP8000 phones in our building and for some reason when we dial into our conference bridge from the IP8000 and attempt to dial the access code number for the bridge; no matter what number we hit the phone says "cancel". All of the other IP phones (230's and 560's) work just fine and we can dial the access numbers. The ShoreTel reps are at a loss, and I really need to get these fixed.

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    You have to change some settings on the Conference bridge, I forget which one though. I will try and look for my notes later, but I had the same problem when the IP8000 came out, and I got it resolved.


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      I couldn't find my notes, but there are 2 things to check on the CB

      Both settings are on the CB (Conference Bridge)
      #1: change the payload type to 102 under voip settings in CB
      #2: configure the RTP send port in the CB to 5004 from 0, save and retest

      Let me know if this helps. If it doesn't I'll try to get the Correct CB config from the customer.


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        Well we gave that a try and "no joy". It knocked out bridge out so we reset things back to what they were. If you can get a copy of another working bridge, that would be great! Thanks again for your help!


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          I apologize for not getting you the info you needed earlier. I've been slammed, and I have a 2 day install out of town tomorrow and friday for another Shoretel dealer.

          Trust me when I tell you it's in the config of the Conference bridge. I fought this issue for over a month before getting it right. It all changed because you added the Conference phone, and when you did that, you changed the ShoreTel port 5004.

          Attached are the screen shots. Obviously you will need to restart the CB, and possibly the Shoretel Sytem (or maybe the IP8000...I don't remember anymore).