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  • Struggling with PCM in Terminal Services

    I have two Citrix environments that I am trying to run Personal Call Manager 7.5 in.

    One environment, about 10 servers it works. The other, has a number of issues, such as long delay to establishing a connection, program hangs when using the voicemail component, and lots of other things.

    Someone mentioned there is a manual for recommended steps for installing in Terminal services environment. Could someone post the link or point me in the right direction?

    Our vendor is not very responsive and so we have been struggling with narrowing down the problem for a while.


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    Install Planning guide ?

    The Install and planning guide has Citrix info
    It is listed in appendix F in the ST 7.5 rls


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      When we were first installed nearly 3 years ago (V5) I had alot of odd behaviour from the call manger in a TS (no Citrix) enviornment. Mostly various features just not working. Eventually I discovered a long list of registry keys which I had to give all users full rights to. After I did this my issues with the call manager went away. Not a pretty solution but it worked for me.