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  • Dvm

    I just installed a second PRI another one of my sites. I also installed a DVM at the same site. How do I set the priority for certain users to choose from a certain trunk group? I want to load balance the 2 PRI's betwenn 400+ users.

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    That sort of thing should be pretty automatic based on where the trunk, user and sites are located. Can you be more specific about your requirements?


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      Are the PRIs from the same carrier or different carriers? If they are the same, just have the carrier add the PRI into your existing trunk group and then you can add the lines from the new PRI into your shoretel trunk group.

      If they are different trunk groups, how do you want to load balance? Do you want to prefer once trunk group over the other?


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        sorry I misread that to mean that you had just added another site with a PRI in ShoreTel.