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  • Workgroup Agent Reports - Not Accurate?

    Our Customer Support Manager upstairs has noticed a disparity between the number of calls found in his HelpDesk 3rd party software app vs. the Shoretel Workgroup Agent Report, which shows a consistently less number of calls than HelpDesk.

    We also checked the history in call manager of one workgroup agent. His call numbers are showing more than the calls in the report. We did take care to delete the calls that came to him via regular line, and only counted the calls from customers who called in via our toll free customer support number. The number of calls in his history showed more calls than the number of calls counted in the workgroup agent report.

    I am wondering if this has been seen yet by anyone? We're running Shoretel 7; prior to this with 6.1 we had a couple of db errors but they were quickly corrected through compact and repair of the former JET database format, where as now we are running SQL db with ver. 7.

    Any notices of trends with this problem, please let me know? And, of course, any suspected problems that are leading to this issue would help out a great deal.

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    This is a consistent issue with my setup also. We have resorted to using the MDB from the Shore server as it seems to be a better option in getting correct info. We are using v 6.1 and have been struggling with this issue for over two years. Did the compact and repair help you? Which MDB did you compact?


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      Our call center had this same problem a while back. Turns out the problem was the humans not the machine (Shoretel).

      Our call center associates weren't being diligent about staying logged in to their workgroup. Our workgroup config is set to auto logout the associate if they receive an inbound workgroup call and don't answer it.
      Here's a hypothetical scenario. If an associate gets up to use the restroom and forgets to log out, then receives an inbound call while away from their desk, they will be auto logged out. When they return to their desk they may not realize they missed a call and were logged out. If they proceed to make/receive calls for an hour or more before they realize they aren't logged in, all of their activity during that time will NOT be reflected on the workgroup report, as they were not logged in to the workgroup.
      We were too quick to blame Shoretel. Pulling user detail reports for an indivual extension(s) and matching them against the workgroup reports should show you if this is your problem. The workgroup report also tells you the total amount of time the users were logged in to the workgroup during the date/time range you specify in your report parameters. If you have work schedules at your disposal you can do a quick comparison of their total time logged in to the workgroup relative to their total time scheduled to work that day. If there is a disparity (don't forget the half hour or hour lunch break), this is another indication that the user may not have kept logged in while working.
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