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  • Route point trying to take voice mail, even though mailbox disabled fwd'd

    Hello everyone, I came up on a strange issue I have not seen before.

    In our office, we share space with our sister company and they have their main trunk incoming destination set as a route point to make off-site cell phone forwarding faster for callers. They often are not in the office and forward to cell phones. When they are on site, the route point is set to always forward to the admin desk and her phone is set to take a VM after 3 rings if not answered.

    This has worked fine for a couple years now, until today. I found that when I tried calling the main line (and also if I just dialed the route point from any shoretel phone) that it does a ringback to the admin desk phone but after 3 rings, instead of taking a message on her extension's mailbox, the route point picks up and says "No messaged may be taken for this mailbox, thanks for calling."

    I cannot figure out why this happens. In the past the desk admin phone would forward to it's own VM mailbox, not the route point.

    Am I missing something here? I feel a bit silly as I should know this, but it's been a long week so I appreciate any help or advice you may have.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sean Z.

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    I should add that temporarily, I have fixed the issue by changing the incoming trunk destination to go to the admin desk phone directly, but they would really like to use the route point like they were before.


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      ShoreTel / Mitel Connect has voicemail recall (even though it is not really documented). So the first destination that a call hits that CAN have voicemail, is the mailbox a call will try and go to when you forward to voicemail later on. Our normal solution for this is to forward to a dummy auto attendant that has a second of silence recorded and then a timeout forward to the mailbox you want to end up in.


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        Oh ok, I use that one second silence then fwd to mailbox trick quite a bit for other customers, I should have thought of that! I will try that, thanks very much for your input!