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  • blanning
    For client to work correctly through the Edge gateway you must be doing split DNS. (i.e. from inside your network resolves to the internal IP and from outside your network resolves to the external IP that the VEG uses for it's reverse proxy address) This allows clients to always register to the assigned server name and DNS will take care of which path they take to actually reach the server automatically.

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  • jrauman
    started a topic Mitel Edge Gateway question

    Mitel Edge Gateway question

    If you have a Mitel Edge Gateway and its located in your DMZ so that external users can get to it via the internet, what should your Mitel Connect clients point to by default (regardless of whether your computer is inside the network or outside (at home)? Before the Edge Gateway, everybody pointed to the internal Director server. Now i'm being told to point all Connect Clients to the externally available Edge Gateway address. But if i'm inside the network that seems odd. Help!!