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  • Using work groups in Director for two tiers of helpdesk calls

    Appreciate any help or advice you might be able to provide this is my first post so please excuse me if there is already a topic on this, but I couldn't locate one.

    For our internal helpdesk we use Mitel Director instead of Mitel Contact Centre Director to manage/configure our helpdesk telephone line. We have two work groups to distribute the calls between two levels.

    The 1st work group is set to forward calls to the 2nd work group when agents are Busy, No answer or Logged out

    (See attachment #1)

    The 2nd work group forwards to voicemail if agents are Busy, No answer or Logged out. We can queue calls on the 2nd work group before they reach voicemail but the call will only queue for agents in the 2nd work group if an agent becomes free in the 1st work group the system doesn’t know to forward the call back to the 1st work group to the available agent.

    We tested setting the ‘Forward to’ option on ‘Busy’ on the 2nd work group to send it back to the 1st work group but if everyone is engaged on calls the system doesn’t know what to do with the call and cuts it off. We wondered if there is a way to queue the call for both work groups for a period of time before sending it voicemail?

    (See attachment #2)

    Thank you
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    What if you just put the agents from the first workgroup also in the second workgroup and have the queue in the 2nd workgroup?


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      That's perfect I hadn't considered this, thank you very much B08bydigital