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  • shoretel communicator

    Hi there we are having an issue with the shoretel commincator not loggin in and causing failover mode. Sometimes a reboot will work sometimes a password change will work but nothing consistant. I currently have a user whom i have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and still not good. I also have tried these steps below.

    On the client, they are under:
    \Program Files\ShoreTel\Contact Center Agent\Agents
    There will be a folder for each agent. Delete them, they will get re-built when the agent logs in again.

    On the Server, the files are held in :
    \ShoreTel Contact Center\Agents\nnnn

    Again there will be a folder for each agent, you can delete this if you like, but make sure that the agent is logged out when you do.
    When a new agent logs in that doesnt already have a folder on the server they are built from is a file:
    \ShoreTel Contact Center\Agents\ETAS.INI