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  • Switchboard overview

    Is there a "switchboard overview" in the Mitel system? We were migrated to Mitel from ShoreTel 14.3 a few months back, and we just had a situation where someone didn't hang up from a page call, and both the receptionist and myself couldn't figure out a way to see ALL extensions and their current call status. Is such a thing possible at all, either from the Connect client or from the Director? I'm just trying to support a common business function.


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    HA! Answered my own question, once again. In the Mitel Director web console, go to the Maintenance section (little heartbeat icon under the Search bar, fifth icon from the left, second icon from the right). Click into the "Status and Maintenance" section below the icon bar, then click the "IP Phones" view. That view includes a field called "Usage", which shows you the current status of every phone in the system. The status lagged about 20 seconds behind for me, but it clearly showed one phone as "OFF HOOK", which was precisely what I was looking for. That was the last phone to make a page call and hadn't been properly hung up. Problem solved, case closed!