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  • Question about services not starting on Windows Server 2016

    Hi everybody,

    Last week our vendor did an upgrade to the latest release of Mitel Connect Director Build 22.11.9300.0, and it blew up (TAPI was completely hosed). After hours with Mitel TAC they advised to do a bare metal recovery. So anyway, did that, restored the backup, installed the upgrade to 22.11.9300.0 and it was successful. All the services started up and the board is all green.

    However, I noticed today that there are three Windows services that are set to startup automatically but they won't start:

    Net.Tcp Listener Adapter
    Net.Msmq Listener Adapter
    Net.Pipe Listener Adapter

    These are apparently related to Windows Process Activation Service. Are these needed by Connect Director? Everything seems to be working fine but just thought I would poll the experts here since I was unable to find anything. Thanks in advance.

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    I have never seen those stopped myself. I would make sure you have the correct .net versions and updates installed.
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      Thanks Lance. Because I can't let it go when I can't figure out "why" something unexpected happens, I spun up a Server 2016 in a VM and proceeded to try and figure out what was going on. Sure enough it is Mitel that breaks these services, but in the silliest way imaginable. Apparently some of the pre-reqs are older than dirt and won't install if they detect IIS version newer than 7.x. Obviously IIS in Windows 2016 is version 10. So Mitel includes a couple of scripts in a folder called 2016 Scripts that essentially change the registry value of IIS version that the pre-reqs check so that you can lie to them and allow them to install, and then you run the other script to reset it back to version 10.

      The only problem is that whoever wrote these made an amateur mistake. They replace the MajorVersion DWORD with a String Value entry. That breaks Windows Process Activation Service which I guess queries that key during startup. Deleting the bogus REG_SZ and replacing it with the correct DWORD value and the WAS services start right up.

      What implication this has on Connect Director I have no idea. These are features required prior to install so I suppose something in Connect uses them, however my setup worked fine without the services running and doesn't seem to be any different now that they are running.

      Anyway, just throwing this out there in the event somebody notices that they have 3 services fail to restart after installing Connect on a Windows Server 2016 (I would imagine 2019 is the same). I could find nothing at all useful about the errors being thrown so hope it helps.