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  • Shoregear Switches Disconnect from Network

    I have a site that has a ShoreTel T1k, SG90 and SG90V. Last year the SG90 periodically will disconnect from the network. When it is down I cannot ping or telnet into it. If I disconnect the network cable from the SG90 and plug it back in, the switch will reconnect. I have changed the network cables and even new network switches. I have even replaced the SG90 but its replacement started doing the same thing. We have tried changing from Auto to Full Duplex to Half duplex. No difference.

    Now our T1K is doing the same thing. It will disconnect from the network. Since it cannot see anything else, it will answer the phones calls but say this extension is not available. I have switched from the Lan1 port to the Lan2 port with the same results.

    I cannot figure out what is causing the issue. Any thoughts?

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    Are you using VLANs on the network?


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      So a couple of thoughts
      1. This is not a known issue on any current ShoreTel build, can you provide your build number (or verify that you are at top of tree for either 14.2 or connect/19)?
      2. When the data switches were replaced was it with a different brand, or just new editions of the same model?
      3. Are VLANs in use?
      4. What is the brand and model of the data switch the ShoreTel appliances are connected to?
      On the surface and based on past experiece this feels like more of a data switch side thing than ShoreTel, but it is entirely possible you are on an older build that had a driver or network stack issue for the appliances that I just don't remember running across.


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        I did encounter this issue a few years back and the issue was my network. I believe I saw one other person report a similar issue one or two years back. My SG switches would leave the network and come back on their own every few minutes. I don't recall whether I was able to ping during the outage though.