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  • Disable 802.1X via Customsettings.ini

    Hi all,

    We are implementing Cisco ISE and want to disable 802.1X on our Shoretel Phones ( IP485G, IP480, IP655, IP210 ). Is there a way to do this via the Customsettings.ini ? Using Shoretel 14.2

    I have read a few topics on this forum, but somehow none of them work for me.

    I have tried to add : 8021xEnable 0 to the ini file but that doesn't work.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure that's the correct file, in fact, I'm not even familiar with that file (doesn't mean much )
    Do you have the maintenance guide? I got all of this from there.
    You want to put:
    dot1XEnable off
    In the appropriate config files (attached are screenshots of the filenames)
    Attached Files


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      Also, you have IP210s? It's not listed in the above table, but you can watch it boot up and see on the display what config file(s) it pulls.
      I don't remember the name of it's config file...


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        Also- I just checked your profile. I believe I have been to your office before, I think... I came over to help your Shoretel partner (at that time, not sure who you're with now)