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  • Newbie Switch IP address change

    Hi, I just inherited a company that has a ShoreTel system. They have two geographical sites connected via fiber. each site has its own IP subnet. The server is at site A and its IP address will not be modified. There is a switch in Site B that needs to be modified however. I don't exactly understand how this system works, and I guess at this point I don't really need to know, but I do need to know how to change the IP address of the switch in site B and what affect that might have on the phones in Site B. Of course I have already updated DHCP scopes and created option 156 with the same ftp server info as before since the server is not changing. My thought was that I should be able to console into the switch and change the IP address but I am not sure, and I also do not know if (although I expect) there is some configuration on the server side with the switch address. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Console into the switch, change the IP address there then go into hardware in ShoreWare Director and change the IP associated with that switch to the new IP address, everything should go green and show as up within minutes.
    Randy Wensmann
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      Perfect, so what are the serial communication parameters to console into the switch? Will there be any authentication?


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