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  • printSysInfo - tMon and WD Reboots

    I've been looking into an issue remotely today and am unsure what's going on.

    The user is reporting the phone will randomly say no service. I am pinging the phone and a PC plugged into the second port of the phone. I am seeing random (haven't watched close enough to see if it's on a regular schedule) chunks of pings timeout to the phone only, the PC connected through the phone pings away no problem. Switch port hasn't had any configuration changes and isn't reporting any issues with errors or overruns.

    Telnet-ed into the phone and ran printSysInfo basically to verify everything looked okay in comparison to another phone. I noticed the problem phone has 3 tMon reboots and 78 WD reboots. It is an IP115.

    Does anybody know what that means?