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  • Soft phone license assignment via SQL

    Hi all,

    Sometimes I use SQL to assign a soft phone license to a few users. Does anyone have a script to assign the license to 60 users at once ?

    thanks in advance

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    Do you only have 60 users? That would be pretty easy if you do, but I assume you mean 60 particular users...
    I mean, sure you can write a script to do this, but that's a lot of writing if you gotta match by 60 names, know what I mean?

    I don't see how it can be simplified... Maybe if you use the batch update utility to move those 60 users into their own user group, you could then do like a
    SELECT * FROM shoreware.users WHERE UserGroupID=x;


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      Yes, 60 particular users. Not every users has a softphone license. I cannot set them up in a different usergroup as they are already member of different usergroups ( different countries ).

      I will have a look.


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        I would consider adding a DB table (or separate DB on the server if you want to keep them more separated) and placing those user's DNs in that table so you can do a lookup on people in that list and update their softphone status. You want to avoid a scenario with a long list of "WHERE" conditions that are easy to fat-finger and hard to be positive the list is correct.


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          What did you end up doing?


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            I ended up by doing it "manually". Had a list of all the users so it was a 30 minute job after all


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              Not too bad then