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  • softphone can dial out but not receive calls

    Hi all!
    With all the recent remote worker stuff, we have run into an issue. I have a user that is connected via VPN. She can sign in to ShoreTel Communicator just fine. She can make outbound calls, both to extensions and outside numbers. However, when I call her using any method (extension, DID, from my cell) I get the 'you must first dial a 1' recording. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks!

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    That is a carrier message, the phone system does not have that response in it. If you are getting that from your cell it has nothing to do with the user. If your doing it from internal the system may be stripping that digit before sending it, the cell is what confuses me getting the same reaction.
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      Nevermind... Apparently, someone was trying to 'help' her and had her extension forwarded to her cell.. but the formatting was wrong. Thanks, everyone!