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  • IP230 phones lockup

    We have mostly ip230 phones in our network. All the sites have a site to site VPN back to the SG90 + SG Director

    I found that at times in the morning (i am guessing when there is disruption in the vpn) some phones are stuck on "requesting service". Director shows "Out of Service"

    The phone will not respond to anything i tried to

    -RESET using
    _ - ##RESET,
    _ - bouncing the poe port,
    _ - physicaly disconnecting the network cable
    _ - Via director (no luck)
    - Factory Reset

    The phone still responds to pings (from both sides of the tunnel and even from the HQ server) and other phones on the same LAN work fine.

    The only thing i found that brings the phone back to life is if i move it from one switch to another, then the phone will reconnect almost instantly. (and i can even move it back to the original switch at that times)

    Anyone seen this, have a solution or how i can better troubleshoot it?


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    I have not seen this one specifically, but it does not surprise me. At some point during the registration of the phone with an appliance it must fail to get a response which results in the phone being orphaned halfway through the process. In theory it should fail and try again at that point, but if only traffic on certain ports is being lost then the phone gets confused cause it knows the switch is there, it just won't answer that one request, and this causes odd issues like you are experiencing. We have seen similar and my experience has generally been that the fix is in the network side not the ShoreTel side.


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      I think it gets locked up on the switch side.
      The PHONE that initiates the "retry" or connection to begin with, not the switch (as far as i know)
      A factory-reset phone should have no knowledge of the fact the handshake failed.

      But since factory reset of the phone does not work, and to flip it back over you need to change the switch its on. im guessing its the switch side that causes the problem.