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  • Partner support and such

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get the lay of the land when it come to partner support. Its a bunch of questions id like to get some clarity. I know different partners work differently.

    The Base fee that you pay ShorTel/MiTel to keep your equipment under support. I understand a bit of that money goes back to the partner that sold it to you.

    But what does that actually give you?

    Do partners provide some support for this amount, or do you have to then buy an additional plan/hours/whatever?

    I understand the end-user (company owns the system) does not have access to the resources of mitel even though they are the ones that paid?

    If you need to buy additional support what the point of having Mitel Support if you cant use it?

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    That all depends on the partner. Typically the "Partner" support that you pay for means that all first level support has to go through the partner, and typically that is cheaper than shortel direct support. How much support the partner includes for the price you pay is entirely up to the partner, and typically is going to vary depending on how much "mark up" they included in the partner support sku that they sell you.

    I've seen it vary anywhere from "Sell you partner support and then charge your for every MAC", to "Mark up the partner support sku enough to cover at least "some" costs for support". To "All inclusive support". Shoretel/Mitel pretty much just leaves that decision up to the partner. If you want to bypass the partner then you have to buy "Enterprise" support from Mitel which typically comes at a steeper cost.


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      You can use Mitel Support, but unless you pay for Enterprise, all Tier 1 support is provided by the Mitel Partner. If things cant get fixed or your partner goes MIA, Mitel will support you, but they expect you know what you are doing, pull logs, and aren't calling for MAC order stuff (moves, adds, changes).
      Randy Wensmann
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        thanks for the explenation.

        So in short
        - even though i do all my own MACs ,
        - i could do my own upgrade if i had the software (but dont have access to it cause im not the partner)
        - Most of the issues i have are because of Mitel Firmware and or software bugs

        i have to PAY for additional support to fix mitels' bugs :P


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          Well, that all depends on how helpful your partner is and how much of your life you want to spend on phones. Enterprise support is an option and Mitel will give your a quote for it. Then you deal directly with their tier 1 support. Most partners I know add quite a bit of value and experience beyond what that offers, but again every situation varies.