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  • Softphone woes...

    As we are working on transitioning everyone to "remote workers", we're finding that we're using the softphone a lot more than we have in the past, and I've come upon a couple of issues, that I'm hoping someone here has run into. I know overall, the biggest "supported" answer is going to be to use a "supported headset" for at least some of this, but the sudden transition combined with Amazon not shipping "prime" for a while makes that a long term answer, while I need a short term solution.

    1.) Has anyone seen and overcome low volume issues on calls on softphone. Pretty much company wide we're seeing issues where when using softphone the users have issues with the volume of the outside caller being low. For the most part this is over the built in speakers on laptops. Everything else including the "ring" volume is *plenty* loud, but the callers voice is at quite a low volume even with everything turned all the way up, and with external amplified speakers connected. I've been asked to see if there is anyway to increase this volume but numerous searches thus far have netted me nothing.

    2.) I have one series of HP laptops where the built in microphone will absolutely *not* work for the softphone. The microphone works fine with everything else (Teams, Skype, etc),but even if I specifically select that as the communictions device for the Softphone, it doesn't work at all. No errors, I just don't get sound. I've got three identical HP laptops (dragonfly), and the same exact issue occurs on all three. I've tried every combination of audio device settings I can find with no solution. Hoping maybe someone else has seen this on a machine and come up with something.

    I know for both issues using a supported USB headset will likely fix the issues, but right now pretty much every place I've looked I'm looking at at least a week before I'll be able get anything shipped.

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    To 1.) I would recommend turning up the gain on the trunks. (All trunk types support a gain if you go to the appliance page that supports the trunks).

    For 2.) I would look to see if you can find another driver for the microphone. For obvious reasons ShoreTel / Mitel uses Microsoft's audio interface rather than trying to handle audio devices directly. It should come as no shock to anyone that Microsoft's interface is somewhat fragmented and depending on your exact scenario the documented functionality does not always work as expected. Short of finding another driver or swapping audio devices I am not sure you will be able to find a work around.


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      Windows does have a built in gain for the mic. although i will admit i'm STILL trying to find where its located in windows 10.

      Windows 7 it was part of the audio properties.

      As a side note make sure the volume level in the mixer for mitel is not set to low (each app has an independed slider)


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        Sound control can still be found in Windows 10

        Go to Programs --> Windows System --> Control Panel --> (set it to show small icons) --> Sounds

        There are speaker & microphone settings (including gain)