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  • Ingate Siparator

    Is there a trick to saving a config for an Ingate Siparator?

    Seems like once we reboot the device it goes back to a default config. Anyone know of a bug causing this?

    I feel terrible posting this because we are probably missing something painfully obvious...

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    The only trick I recall is there is an apply config and a save running-config and if I recall correctly hitting save on the user page does not save until you save the config on the save/load config page.
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      I’m glad I got rid of ours. I told our voip provider to deliver our services as a PRI.

      Solved lots of issues


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        I'm not aware of a bug that keeps things from saving. Are you in the GUI or the CLI? What firmware? I would reach out (or have your partner do it if necessary) to ingate, their technical support is superb. We manage about 100 ingates and while we don't have to call their support often, when we do they are always extremely prompt and helpful.