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  • Softphone on ShoreTel 14.2

    Hello everyone,

    Since the CORVID-19 virus we have a lot of home workers from different countries ( UK, Netherlands, France, etc ). Most of the homeworkers have a softphone assigned and use VPN to login to the Shoretel Communicator and make their calls. The HQ is in Holland and that's also the location where the VPN box is located. The users from our German office cannot make international calls over the softphones with their own number. I have to enable the "Holland" trunk for the users to call out, but in that case they call out with the Holland Main Number.

    When the Holland Trunk is not enabled, they get the message in their screen : Shoretel cannot complete call reorder tone
    Hope this explanation is clear

    Any ideas what this could be ? Is this provider related ?
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    I would expect that this is either carrier blocking of a CLID that is not on or not currently allowed on the trunk, or a setting in your trunk setup or user group setup that is not allowing outbound international calls across sites for some users. Remember when using softphone like that those users are "in" headquarters and using trunks at another site will require special setup / permissions.