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  • IP400 over vpn issues

    We have an on premise Mitel connect (21.90.9743.0) and an edge gateway appliance.
    I have an IP400 phone I'm trying to setup for remote work.
    I've gone into setup and entered the vpn info on the phone, the phone connected and shows it's ready. It has the correct time.
    When I make a phone call, just using our auto-attendant for testing, I get audio for 1-2 seconds, then it cuts out. Sometimes it comes back on for another second, then out again.
    On our firewall (watchguard), I've put in TCP/UDP policies to allow all traffic between the IP pool assigned for the IP400 phones and our HQ and Shoregear appliances.

    I also can't change mode on the phone or get to the directory.
    We have a few dozen staff using softphone remotely without VPN, connecting to the edge gateway, without issue. Their Connect clients work perfectly.

    Any thoughts on what to check?


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    So 400 sets use a completely different path through the VEG than softphones (RAST tunnels as opposed to a reverse proxy and TURN / STUN). I would turn up your logging in the VEG and try a phone while watching the logs and getting a capture from both ends and see if you can spot traffic that has obvious errors in it. Even better if you can watch your firewall for drops during that time as well.