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  • Oaisys tracer/talkument

    I purchased one of these systems back in 2008 when I was running ShoreTel 9.1.

    Everything was fine until we upgraded our ShoreTel server, and went to version 14.1 in 2013.

    Our ShoreTel vendor made us purchase a new Oaisys server at a cost of about $10,000.

    I tried to ask if we could just use the same oaisys device, but they insisted I needed a new server because it wasn’t compatible with ShoreTel 14.1

    The unit we have now does (2) PRI connections.

    We just recently added a 3rd and possibly 4th PRI and I need a recording solution.

    I took the old tracer unit out and plugged it in, but the hard drive died.

    So the question is this. I don’t really care if it interacts with ShoreTel. As long as I can have some type of call recording I’m happy.

    if I replace the hard drive, is there any software I can get to use the old oaisys tap board to record calls?

    Can I get the software from oaisys (which is now mitel) without them refusing to talk to me because I didn’t buy their support, or the support is expired?

    Is anyone interested in helping me do this without having to spend thousands going through my vendor?