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  • Workgroup voice mail mailbox question

    We use a 3rd party to transcribe our voice mails. We email the wav file to a 3rd party company. They transcribe the message and email it back a few minutes later.

    I haven’t gotten any voice mails for a week, come fo find out the mailbox was full.

    I deleted the messages and everything is fine.

    How can I get the system (ShoreTel 14.1) to auto delete the messages? It’s a constant issue every 6 months having to clean out the mailboxes.

    Second issue is when a customer finishes leaving a message and presses # to send the message, it goes to a default auto Attendant. How can we change this?

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    Based on a voicemail class of service you can auto delete messages after a given period of time. Just make sure to create a new COS and user group for the effected mailboxes and not update the one everyone is in.