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  • Calls Routing to Backup Auto Attendant

    For brief periods throughout the day outgoing calls are routed back to the auto attendant. This lasts for about 2-3 minutes. Here is some info.

    Good Call

    GUID: 00120000-47d6-5b7c-2ff8-001049049ea6
    TAPI Call ID: 0x9FF0ACBE
    Record ID: 13751
    00:00 Reese Gardiner - 1376 called (866) 951-1151
    20:47 Call terminated

    Bad Call

    GUID: 00120000-47c7-5b7c-2ff8-001049049ea6
    TAPI Call ID: 0x547B3BDA
    Record ID: 13748
    00:00 Reese Gardiner - 1376 called (866) 951-1151
    00:06 Call terminated

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    This sounds like your trunk isn't configured properly. Has it always done this or did something recently change? Have you asked your VAR or whoever configured/installed the trunk to verify it's configured correctly?