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  • Shoretel 14.2 and access to Shoretel Director

    Running Shoretel 14.2 and I am having issues accessing Shoretel Director with Internet explorer 11. I used to be able to access it just fine, until IE 11 became unstable on my Win7 machine.

    I switched to Win10, but still can't get it to work properly. Its trying to download a sound file, which doesn't work for some reason.

    Any suggestions?

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    You can't use remote desktop?
    Randy Wensmann
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      In IE add your site to the "Compatibility View Settings" and "Local Intranet". Then confirm that you allow active x settings and popups for your site. You should only have a popup for a few things and those are browser connectors that should be able to load in your browser. Menus, schedules, and the diagnostic screen are usually where this would happen.
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        Originally posted by rwensmann View Post
        You can't use remote desktop?
        You mean remote into the ShoreTel server?

        i can do that, but much rather use my desktop PC In the office.

        I’m trying to change my DNIS table from 4 digit to 10 digit. It’s hard to do it remoting Into the server.