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  • 6900 series phones on Mitel Connect on premise

    Hi all,
    We upgraded our 14.2 system to Mitel Connect on premise in December, on build 21.90.9743.0
    We have 230 and 560 series Shoretel phones, all working fine.
    I bought a used 6920 on ebay for testing purposes.
    Having trouble getting it to talk to our system.
    Our partner tells me our build supports the 6900 series, but older 6900's may not work. Not sure if a FW update can fix this, or if I just got a too-old phone.
    There are two issues as I see it:
    1-DHCP. The 6920 does not pickup the VLAN's and server settings from our existing 155/156 DHCP options. The 230/560's do. Phone just gets stuck at waiting for dhcp.
    2-If I manually enter IP info, and add our HQ IP address as the call server and tftp server, the phone now boots further, but gets stuck at 95%, trying to contact the IP of our HQ.

    Anyone have any tips or suggestions? There are no firewalls between the different VLAN's right now. HQ server is on a 10.2.4.x subnet, phone is on 10.2.200.x subnet. I can ping the phone's static IP from the HQ, so communication is working that way.

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    The 6900 series is not supported on 9743. You will need to upgrade to Connect version 19.1/Build 22.10.7600.0


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      Also I can pretty much guarantee that a used 69xx will not work at all. There is something new in the bootloader on the phones they are doing to make them compatible with the Connect premise and if you do not purchase the correct SKU from Mitel they will not work. (We had a couple of demo ones and support wasted 2 weeks trying to make it work but could not). You will need to order the correct SKU through a partner for these to work (and yes you also need to be past 19.1 (build 22.10.2600.0))


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        Thanks guys!
        Glad I just paid $50 for the used 6920.