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  • Missing sites and switches in "Move to site:and switch:"

    Mitel Connect Director. In Admin - Telephones I have Move to site: and switch: but there is only one site (we have two) and one switch (we have dozens) This a new system that was setup by ScanSource, I never looked here until I had a switch fail and I need to move a few IP phones to another switch. Is it something they didn't set up correctly or is different than my old (very old) Shortel server?

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    Phones get tagged to a site through the IP phone address map. All phones that are not assigned by an IP phone address map are HQ phones. You can freely move phones to any switch in HQ as long as the switch does not have a site map defined. If you need to define a particular site and switch that is not an HQ switch you will need to create a new site map.
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      I have the IP phone address maps set up for the two sites I have. When I added the IP phones they were all assigned to the correct site so I'm pretty sure that part is set up correctly.