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  • Mitel Connect Client Port 5448 TLS 1 Disable

    Hello, We are running version Build 22.10.7600.0 of Shoretel/Mitel Connect Director on-site. Our connect client software appears to be connecting to our Windows 2016 server at port 5448 and is showing CAS. How do we disable TLS 1.0 on this port 5448? We've disabled TLS 1.0 on every other aspect of IIS and the Mitel nginx web config but cannot find anything about disabling TLS 1.0 for port 5448.

    Also we need to strengthen the ciphers for this port as it's showing DES as allowed when we scan with nessus.


    Negotiated cipher suite: AES256-SHA|TLSv1|Kx=RSA|Au=RSA|Enc=AES-CBC(256)|Mac=SHA1

    5448 / tcp / www

    Medium Strength Ciphers (> 64-bit and < 112-bit key, or 3DES) DES-CBC3-SHA Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=3DES-CBC(168) Mac=SHA1 The fields above are : {OpenSSL ciphername} Kx={key exchange} Au={authentication} Enc={symmetric encryption method} Mac={message authentication code} {export flag}
    5448 / tcp / www