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  • Default AA

    We have multiple sites and in one of our satellite sites have made some changes that require that we use the main AA in our primary site going forward for all AA functionality. I was able to direct the incoming calls pretty easily but we did discover one setting which appears a bit more difficult. When someone presses 0 while in the VM greeting of a user in the satellite site, it goes to their old AA. I realize this can be manually overridden using the routing for each extension but I'd rather not set each extension or availability state manually.

    Where is the setting for the default AA that is used for the "When caller presses '0', transfer to:" setting? I assume it's a site setting but I could not find it in sites.

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    Note: our "availability states defaults" has no option for personal assistant which is causing this.


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      The value you are looking for is located under Administration>Application Servers>HQ/DVS>Headquarters: Default Auto-Attendant Menu:
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        That was it!!! There was a bit different verbage in that mine was Administration>Appliances/Servers>Platform Equipment (then go to the appropriate DVS/HQ server)
        Under the Voice Application tab is a "Default auto-attendant menu:" setting.

        Thank you Lance!!!