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  • Change Support Partner Fee?

    We are looking at chaning our support partner to some one a little more local to support our ShorTEL/Mitel setup

    I'm told there is a $600.00 processing fee to do so? Is that a bit outrageous for pushing some paperwork around?!?!

    Any one have any insight to this?

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    If you have an SBE edition ( <100 users) it's $150. If you have Enterprise Edition it's $500. What City and State are you located?


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      Canada. probably why the bump

      Don't remember why we had to get enterprise, it was some silly reason. we had ~50 users .

      =( don't think I ever seen a vendor this something like this!


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        Yeah, it's new and it sucks big time.
        We're in the process of taking over all of my customers from my last company, as they are no longer a Mitel partner and have no one to support them. A year ago it didn't cost anything, now it's 500€ per customer...