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  • No Audio in remote MitelConnect softphone calls. - Edge Gateway config problem

    Our telephony providers have been installing this Mitel Connect system for almost 6 months now.

    We've been assisting them in trying to figure out why remote users on the MItel Connect software cannot dial out using the softphone when off the network. Chat is fine.

    As the tech docs outline, we've port-forwarded 443 TCP&UDP through the firewall to the three interfaces on the DMZ side. The last IP on the Edge Gateway (2nd virtual interface on eth1) is what we're pointing a host record to internally and externally with split DNS to connect with the softphone. As I said, it works ok inside.

    When port scanning the Edge Gateway, all of the interfaces are listening on TCP443. and all but the last interface (the one used for softphone connections) is not listening on 443/UDP.

    Is this normal? or do you think that's the root of the issue? What would make that port not listen on 443/UDP?

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    What happens on the softphone when you attempt to dial out ? does the softphone work on premises or do you get the same result ? are the remote users allowed to dial out (if they have a different user group /Class of service) can they dial an extension on premises ? do you see the softphone in director/Status & Maintenance/IP Phones as a Softphone ?