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  • Caller ID based Routing/Call Router

    We have the ShoreTel call router installed and it does a good job with caller ID based routing.

    What I am looking to do is to see if this is possible. The first time someone calls in, I want the call routed to our auto attendant menu.

    After the first call, I want it so if the person calls back the number is always routed to an alternate auto attendant menu.

    As an example we have a phone number for new customers and tech support. Customers will call in for tech support, they get tired of waiting on hold so will call back saying they are a new customer (where we answer immediately) and will try to get support that way.

    it just clogs up our sales line having yo transfer people, where if I could black list the number after the first call it would save my agents a lot of time.

    might be custom programming.

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    So you want to have your repeat customers go into a holding queue while you try to grab new customers.... who become repeat customers and also go to the hold queue. I don't think this is a very wise business decision. It's a lot easier to keep a repeat customer than it is to gain a new one. I would suggest finding another way of handling your tech support load.