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  • 4 Digit DNIS to 10 Digit DNIS

    We are getting a new PRI, and currently our phone company sends us the last 4 Digits of the DID to route the calls in our system.

    With the new provider, they are allowing us to import numbers from multiple area codes, so I need all 10 digits.

    Is there any way to easily edit the DNIS table without manually doing over 1000 entries and setting up a new PRI group!

    Also does anyone know anything about a mitel Talkunent? I think I’m running low on disk space and the system isn’t dumping calls on the external drive.

    I called our vendor and they are making a bigger deal out of it than it has to be.

    I would gladly pay someone to look at our system.

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    1. Why assign numbers via DNIS instead just assign the DID to the user in their profile?
    2. Talkument is the call recording server i believe. Is it a virtual server or a physical server? How do you know you are running low on drive space? How do calls get copied to the external drive? do you have a script running?

    Is your VAR managing your system? If they setup the Talkument server they should really be the ones to mess with it, since that is what you are paying them to do.


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      I have 2000 telephone numbers and it’s easier to do in DNIS than assigning a DID.

      I figured out the Talkunent. The eithernet cable was disconnected from the PRI splitter on one of the switches and it was recording half the calls


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        There is no easy way to edit those DNIS records. My advice would be to create a new trunk group with the 10 digits (but everything else being the same) and begin copying the DNIS entries over time. Then at cut you just change which trunk group the PRI channels are in and you get the new 10 digit mappings all at once.