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  • Outlook Calendar not changing State of Phone

    I haven't checked too many people yet but so far it looks like the call handling is not working with Outlook. When a scheduled event starts it does not change the phone to "In a Meeting", or "Out of Office." The Add-in's are loaded but the phone never changed from Available to In a Meeting. I have not rebooted the server yet to see if that fixes the issue but will try that later tonight. Does anyone know the service that controls that so I could just restart that? Any ideas on how to fix it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client as well.

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    Decided to go ahead and reboot the server. Didn't help. This is the latest version of Shoretel and the connect client.


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      Hi, We have the same issue, same current version... did you find resolution? Curious if you have SSL Certs for HQ server?


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        In System | Additional Parameters, do you have the Service Appliance (Collaboration) Exchange Server defined? for example: ""

        Then each Connect client user must also enter their AD Credentials in Connect | Settings | Account