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  • Diagnosing Issues

    We have had several reports of disconnecting calls. I used to maintain a Mitel 5000 system and there was a clear place to determine what the cause of a call disconnect was (remote end disconnect, local end disconnect, excessive packet loss, equipment failure, line loss, etc.). Is there a place for something like this in Shoretel?

    High delay - we are also seeing large amounts of delay in the call details on not only calls that have had poor quality and disconnects but also on good calls or calls where no issue was reported. This is also true about low MOS scores. Low MOS scores seem to occur on both good and bad calls.

    SNMP - To try and gather info, I setup SNMP and the two vSwitches are reporting snmp data appropriately but none of the 6 shoretel branded appliances report any snmp data. Is this common or do we need to do something else to get snmp working?

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    Diagnostics and monitoring is your friend on these things. The stats on a call are helpful, but note that scores where one end of the call does not report statistics are not thrown out, they just show us as bad calls because it looks to the alg like an entire side of the conversation was dropped by the network.

    There is no place (other than TMSNCC logs) to determine which end of a call started the disconnect.

    ShoreTel never published custom MIBs for their appliances, so you get some basic stats out of the half-width appliances but it is just generic network info. (Can you clarify if vSwitches means virtual or voicemail switches?)

    Finally, Short of actually losing the connection the ShoreTel will not just drop a call, so I would start with basic network troubleshooting. What do the flow reports on your core routers and switches say? Do you use a nms that can give some insight? Can you use a free tool like ping info view to watch the latency and dropped packet counts to some of the impacted phones from HQ for a while and see if there are any trends that show up in the logging? And what version of ShoreTel are you on? If it is not the latest build of 14.2 or a relatively recent build of Connect then an upgrade might be a good preventative measure just to get things current and give yourself the best shot both at finding it, and then at getting help if it has something to do with the ShoreTel and is not just a network issue. (Which is most likely in my experience).


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      This is good info. I am seeing some dropped packets on our switches so I'll have to start looking at those.

      For clarification, vSwitch is referring to virtual switch (ie linux vm). Those report to the snmp properly but none of the physical shoretel devices report any snmp data to the collector. Any thoughts why?


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        I'm not positive why the legacy ShoreTel appliances would not be reporting. We have made it work once or twice but usually the base MIB is not useful enough and people resort to some enterprise NMS that tracks that snmp in addition to pings and port checks. By the time it is that far down the road usually it is a customer who is doing it for themselves and does not even tell us they are working on it.